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Nice2Media Has A Meet Up Page!


Come out and share, learn and be a part of a fun and interactive community of young professionals here in Pittsburgh. We meet twice a month to network with other Pittsburgh based professionals for informative workshops and to a number of cutting edge business and marketing strategies.  


Young Professionals of Pittsburgh (YPP) is a business round-table networking and business referral group for entrepreneurs and freelancers looking to connect with other young professionals to help expand and grow their businesses. 

YPP is also a forum for entrepreneurs - at every stage of their business- to come out and informally discuss ideas or challenges within their business and to gain some practical and timely insight that they can then use to grow and expand their businesses.  


The topic for each meeting is tailored to the specific needs of the members of our group, and we cover various subjects including Finance, Business Planning, Social Media Marketing, Building a Nonprofit, Freelancing, and so much more. We encourage each other to think outside the box to get noticed and grow.   This is a friendly, casual environment free of sales pitches.

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