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Gabrielle DeMarchi, Operation Better Block

At our small, community-based non-profit organization, everyone is so busy and already wears so many hats, yet we have community meetings and resources that we need to promote and ensure residents are aware of. Nice 2 Media Marketing and Promotions has relieved us of that burden by keeping our residents updated and informed no matter what day or time it is. Ki Ki is attentive, a quick responder, and great communicator, and we are very thankful to have her as a partner in ensuring our community has the most up-to-date information.

Alan Lincoln, Riverside Sales Group, LLC

We have had an ongoing relationship with Nice 2 Media for over 8 years and strongly recommend them for all your public relation and social media work.  Looking forward to their continued relationship of growth and professional service on our projects.

Al Payne, Programming Manager, Content Creator, WHUR, Washington, DC. 

With KiKi on my team I had the honor of both teaching and learning from her. She is a strategic thinker who is always in touch with what's going to influence the target audience and the next "big thing" that will move the needle. I strongly recommend KiKi for roles both in front of and behind the camera or microphone.

Lakeisha “Ki Ki” is a great social media manager! Her posts are exciting 
and eye-catching. I’ve had several colleagues and potential investors 
mention how active I am (all due to Ki Ki!). Her imaginative posts are 
engaging and insightful. She is active online and very responsive to my 
requests. My business has really grown due to so much exposure. I wish 
I’d discovered her years ago!

Dr. Shelly Cooper, Founder Diversity Telehealth, LLC

Ardana "AJ" Jefferson, Exec. Dir. Homeless Education Children's Fund

If you need a responsive, professional, and affordable solution to your organization's media relations needs, I highly recommend Ki Ki Brown owner of Nice2Media.  Since 2021, I have worked with Ki Ki, eagerly allowing her to manage the process of media engagement for a variety of events I've led at two different non-profit organizations. Because of her extensive radio background, she is a trusted insider with this region's news outlets and can leverage those relationships to produce results for her clients. If you need media coverage, Nice2Media is your solution!

Carleen King, Carmi Soulfood 

Nice 2 Media has been a saving grace to my business and my sanity. For years I handled my own social media because I believed I couldn’t afford anyone else to do it. Nothing was further from the truth.
The professionalism, personal care, and quality of service we receive is phenomenal.
I highly recommend Nice 2 Media to any business or potential business.
You better get you a Kiki

Brenda Tate, Political Leadership Training Program

Being a senior, sometimes there are many mental gaps in my thought process. However, when I’m working with KiKi, I know she will be in the background pulling the right strings and picking up every dropped ball, reducing my anxiety level. I am confident that she will always make sure I get the job done!

Abdullah Salem, Salem's Market and Grill 

My Dearest Friend Kiki & Nice 2 Media Marketing...
I sincerely thank you for your dedication and commitment!! Your hard work is truly commendable and your contribution has been critical to the success of Salem’s Market & Grill!!!
Since working with Nice2Media, sales have increased 28%! Nice 2 Media drives customers through the door!!!
We are so happy to have you as a part of the family!!! If you don’t know, now you know!!!

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